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Ngram Viewer – a data mining tool & ICT Research Network (ICTRN)

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I was alterted to this brilliant tool by Seb Schmoller on the ICT Research Network (ICTRN).  A discussion list which was transferred from Becta to ALT, working in partnership with Naace, and with the support of the Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education, the eLearning Network and the Mirandanet Fellowship, in December 2010. To subscribe to ICTRN, send an email to listserv@jiscmail.ac.uk .

ICTRN is an email discussion list. Its purpose is to support research into ICT in teaching and learning, and the work of researchers and research-users in the field. The focus should therefore be on asking questions and providing answers, links, and advice. We strongly encourage those who ask questions to circulate a brief summary of the responses they receive back to the list. Whist we discourage use of the list for commercial purposes, using the list in moderation to distribute calls for papers, chapter/article proposal requests, and conference details is generally acceptable.

Google’s Ngram Viewer, which is a database of 500 billion words – mainly in English – and their occurrence over the last 2 centuries.

Ngram Viewer is explained here http://ngrams.googlelabs.com/info, and there is a Harvard University “how to use” at http://tinyurl.com/2vjvwue.

You may also be interested in “The Liberal Arts Goes Data Mining” an 11 minute MP3 interview by the IEEE’s Steven Cherry with Google’s Director of Research Peter Norvig for the IEEE about Ngram http://spectrum.ieee.org/podcast/at-work/education/the-liberal-arts-goes-data-mining.

By way of example, here is the Ngram Viewer’s view of  * the relative frequency of use of the three terms “educational technology” “learning technology” and “instructional design” between 1975 and 2008: http://tinyurl.com/2upvfea

* the relative frequency of use of the two terms “online learning” and “elearning” over the same period: http://tinyurl.com/3339shx


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