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Infringing Copyright Laws?

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As you are merrily blogging or using Google Images on your website, do you ever worry about whether or not you are infringing copyright laws?   Just because you are online and saving images is as easy as a right click doesn’t mean to say that copyright laws do not apply and also that you or your organisation will not be fined heavily for abusing it.


By St Murse

Take a look at Sue Water’s very comprehensive article on Teacher Challenge Blog Kick Start Activity 5 – Beginner – Enhancing posts with images.

So what’s the solution?

  1. Use Creative Commons images
  2. Use your own photos
  3. Create your own images using a range of different tools

These are the different Creative Commons Licences:

Thanks to Scott Fisk


See webdesignlessons.com for 16 websites with Free Stock Images for commercial use

See also the official Google blog for ways to modify your Google Image search so that only images which are copyright free come up.

Also see Sitepoint.com (Sean P Aune) for a list of 30 sites with Creative Commons media.



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