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Poster and Leaflet Design

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This post is a response to classes using the design of leaflets and posters to enhance and consolidate learning.  They can be a fabulous tool and can create useful and attractive displays.  The drawback is when the students rush into the projects and don’t prepare properly.  I had a search around and Russel Tarr @russeltarr has linked to a really comprehensive resource at www.ncsu.edu/project/posters by Hess, G.R., K. Tosney, and L. Liegel.

To summarise posters need to be:

  • Focused
  • Graphic
  • Ordered

Care needs to be taken with the language and grammar particularly in relation its suitability for the audience.   Glogster is a fabulous online tool to which multi-media can be added, and posters can also be printed out.

Threefold leaflets sometimes need some spacial awareness.  It is worth gathering a collection of examples for the students to examine assess for both design, quality, how well the information is communicated, but also to see what the conventions are for location of the different information.  e.g. front cover, contact us type information on the reverse, general information on the inside and the most important information on the right hand side as you open up the cover.  I asked a colleague; Andrew Martin @AVMPsycho  for some feedback as he uses leaflets for his psychology students and he said;  where you have “most important information”. We decided that this space was an opportunity to expand into case studies, quotes or examples, in other words something that brings some real application to the content. This is what we found when looking at health leaflets.  So the content here depends upon the context really.

Some students will benefit from a rough, story board type mock up like this:

Lastly, care needs to be taken with printing.  Our printers are not duplex and so it is time-consuming when a whole class needs to print them out and feed the paper back in the right way up, so allow plenty of time at the end of your lesson!


Written by sammi

July 13, 2011 at 12:07 pm

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