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Wikispaces Resources for New Project Based Learning

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Projects can be quite hard to manage in class.  If one student does the ICT work, then others cannot access it if they are absent.  How can you tell who has done what?

“Projects” from Wikispaces.com is an idea to help.

Hilary Reilly writes about her own experience:

“We used the wikispace to coordinate a 6 month collaboration between area math teachers. The outcome was a year long project-based learning mathematics course for High School. The purpose was to provide students in New York State with a course that was not repetitive in nature (more of the same), but that gave real-world application to the concepts needed to succeed in college/university. We used the wiki to collaborate, share resources and comment on each other’s work. Since we traveled a long ways to meet in person, this technology allowed us to continue to share our struggles and successes between meetings.”

There are many more comments here:

Let me know if you use a wiki project in class.


Written by sammi

January 12, 2012 at 3:45 pm

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