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Blogging Masterclass | #SBMC11

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Blogging Conference

John Sutton preparing to introduce the conference

On December 7 2012 I attended a Blogging Masterclass held by Creative Blogs, who are on a mission to encourage the whole world to blog!  Apologies for the lateness for this post, but with a busy end of term and indeed, start of year, I have not had the time to write one.

In the Spring I wrote a post about the previous conference held by Creative Blogs.  Presenting this time were:

I attended the conference with two of my colleagues from the Infant and Junior School, so all three campuses were represented.

Richard Shaw & Richard Miller

The main benefit of blogging for schools is to create an audience and by doing so increase literacy skills.  David Mitchell showed us evidence of this from his school’s experience (Heathfield Primary School) .

These are the notes and ideas I had resulting from the conference:

  1. Windows MovieMaker was suggested as good free software for enabling editing of videos before uploading to a blog.
  2. Critics of allowing students to be responsible for their own input onto school blogs were reminded that Wikipedia and the Encyclopaedia Britannica contain the same amount of errors!  I am not convinced!
  3. Before even embarking on a blog for your class/subject; you need to be very clear what your purpose is.  This sounds obvious, but if you rush in blindly, it can end up being rather a “mishmash”   What do you want from blogging? What do you perceive as the benefits for the students?  Is it going to be a diary, collection of work, entirely text based or using web 2.0 resources.
  4. The advantages of utilising a blog for your class, can mean that otherwise unrecognised potential can shine.   Also, links can be made with the real world, authors and can even be commented on by international experts.  In one instance a class were asked to write a project on a certain primate, this was picked up by an expert in the field in South America who commented on what they had written.
  5. It is important to put links to other resources on your blog so that students can see the bigger picture.
  6. It is possible to put work on your blog from all stages of the creative process.  Progress can then be seen from “draft” to finished article.
  7. Anthologize can be used to create a book from blog posts and you can import content also from other sources.  This could be a lovely keepsake at the end of a school year.

The day was packed with ideas and I am sure I have missed some,  so if you click on the photo, you will find the the presentations online for you to see too.


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